The LARS Group

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The core research line at the LARS (Land and Atmosphere Remote Sensing) group is the development of methods for the space-based monitoring of bio/geophysical variables of the biosphere. The use of imaging spectroscopy data for the retrieval of atmospheric and surface parameters, the global monitoring of sun-induced fluorescence and the pre-processing, calibration and validation of optical remote sensing data are currently our core topics.



Luis Guanter

Professor of Applied Physics & Head of the LARS group

Remote sensing, Imaging spectroscopy, Radiative transfer modeling, Earth observation missions and instruments


Itziar Irakulis Loitxate

UNEP Data analyst & Doctoral researcher

Detection of greenhouse gas (GHG) emitters, Spatial data analysis and GIS, Climate change mitigation, Air quality monitoring


Javier Roger

Doctoral Researcher

Image processing, Detection and quantification of trace gases, EO analysis


Javier Gorroño

Postdoctoral researcher

Calibration and validation of optical sensors, Uncertainty analysis of EO products, EO processing chain development


Adriana Valverde

Doctoral researcher

Environment and climate change, Detection of methane emissions, Remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Publications Luis Guanter


Spaceborne imaging spectroscopy mission for Earth Observation

Satellite-based high resolution methane mapping

Development of Copernicus-based terrestrial GPP products

Development of a global sun-induced fluorescence data product from Sentinel-5P/TROPOMI